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Feeling pretty damn good.

2011-05-29 19:53:13 by IloveNantes

To prevent further confusion, I am NOT to be called Nantes. Nantes is: 1) An area in France, and 2) My most favorite-st, idolized, respected art idol in the world. And he's right here on Newgrounds albeit pretty inactive. So... call me IloveNantes. NOT Ilo, not Nantes, not ILN, BUT IloveNantes.



Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries! Oh, and that's the lead singer of Paramore wearing my hoodie.

Feeling pretty damn good.


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2011-05-29 21:06:05

Married? At Sixteen?

Oh, on the Sims.

IloveNantes responds:

Nope. But not actually married, it was a Facebook thing and in all fairness he was drunk when he accepted the request. Lmao.


2011-05-30 18:23:30

aha yeah but im sober now and i havent changed it back.... get the hint yet ;DDD

IloveNantes responds:

I love you too <3


2011-05-30 23:53:37

eww, Nantes

IloveNantes responds:

You don't like him?


2011-06-16 15:40:18

FC Nantes :3

IloveNantes responds:

I know, right? :)


2011-06-19 13:57:49

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2011-09-08 07:43:44

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