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Alright, so....

2011-06-18 18:48:26 by IloveNantes

My life has been rather rocky lately, and I entered myself into this contest and I have to draw a robot, however I've never drawn a robot in much detail before, and I'm actually a bit dejected over the entire thing.

I think I shall just drop out.

Alright, so....


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2011-06-23 04:10:18

Aww, don't drop out (:
Make an attempt at the robot, even if you don't think it will turn out very well, someone else might love it!
Also, you have to start somewhere. The first serious try may lead onto some spectacular art in the future!

IloveNantes responds:

Perhaps. But ugh, it's going to be difficult to find a good robot reference without outright plagiarizing. D: