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2012-06-24 18:44:37 by IloveNantes

for people that were wondering my profile picture was a screenshot from 2010 on an old game file

dat medieval elf. mopping up penguin piss. dem desert saguaros.

Sims 2 was crazy as shit with mods


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2012-06-24 19:02:46


IloveNantes responds:

girl gamers 4 lyfe. you will never have a life remotely equivalent to any of the families in any Sims installment. go back to being anally probed by Loki and Circe beaker, you grim reaper's bastard.


2012-06-24 19:43:10

bro calm down you know not to feed any trolls you come across (that's one rule on youtube too)

IloveNantes responds:

ohhh boooo, well technically a troll is the same as being anally probed on, thanks for the heads up though


2012-07-04 12:13:31

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it very much! :)

(Updated ) IloveNantes responds:

no problemo, I'll give you more when I have time (:


2012-07-28 05:38:02

The environment made me think of minecraft. Sims 2 had the best mods and downloads. Probably my favorite sims game, 3 isn't as good as 2 was.

IloveNantes responds:

It just isn't the same, sounds shallow but the amazingly wide range of choices with CC you had for the Sims 2 still hasn't happened for the Sims 3 even after four (?) years. Especially the clay faces. gross!


2012-12-07 22:18:30

Are you going to post anymore art? I would like to see if you have improved. :)

IloveNantes responds:

I don't really draw anymore